Theory Regarding Time Travelling to Secure the Future

This is just a speculation, but has anyone ever wondered why some people survived while others die due to the spread of the virus in 12 Monkeys? Say a small group of people were able to secure a pure sample of the virus and develop a vaccine BEFORE the widespread of the virus. Then, these people could SECURE their own survival and SECURE their place in the future, as they are the only survivors, it is very likely they would rise to power and become the "governing" faction of the underground society in the future. Of course these people from the future wouldn't want to change events in the past, such as stopping the spread of the virus, because that would affect their secured position in the future, as they rise to power exactly due to the spread of the virus. So the line about "insurance" near the end of the movie, it refers to the fact that the future is "secured" as the virus sample is "secured", and the female scientist named Jones from the future who travelled back in time is there to "insure" that things turn out the way it should. 01:28, January 8, 2015 (UTC)the one eyed dragon61.220.183.223 01:28, January 8, 2015 (UTC)

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